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09 October 2015

Happy Birthday H2O



October is an exciting month for Bioderma! It is Sensibio H2O’s anniversary and this year our beloved product turns 20. For this reason we have decided to spread our love for Sensibio H2O all over London with an exclusive Window painting and offers in our best point of sales. But now, we would like to share the history behind our best seller.

Once upon a time

In the 1990s, dermatologists were confronted with an increasing amount of sensitive skin cases for which there was no suitable hygiene product.

The traditional hygiene routine: Rinse-off Milk + toner duo is poorly tolerated by sensitive skin: the use of water when rinsing the milk dries out and irritates the fragile epidermis of this skin type. Moreover, the association of 2 products makes the routine complex and increases the chance of skin intolerance.

Laboratoire BIODERMA understood the necessity of a hygiene product adapted to sensitive skin and came up with a new, simple and effective gesture. The BIODERMA micellar water, Sensibio H2O, was then launched in 1995, the first non-rinse cleansing/make-up removing water specifically designed for sensitive skin.

A tremendous challenge which became a genuine revolution in the hygiene domain.

Initially prescribed by dermatologists, it quickly won over professional make-up artists and became a mythical product. Adored by millions of women, the famous little bottle with a pink cap has taken pride of place in bathrooms the world over.

An irreplaceable ally for everyday life, Sensibio H2O is sold every 3 seconds worldwide and has been a star since its creation!